Clear Negative Energy with Crystals

Crystals have long been used to clear negative energies and cleanse spaces in order to create and sustain a harmonious environment.

Negative energy can inhabit any space, including your physical being, your aura and your home. Negative energy can infest your space due to stress, emotions (both yours and that of those around you), inactivity and electronic appliances such as TVs. Incorporating healing crystals into your self-care routine is easy, and can have amazing benefits.


Rose quartz is an amazing crystal for cleansing and encouraging peace and harmony. Rose quartz has been dubbed the stone of unconditional love, and it resonates with the heart chakra, the energy centre located at the centre of the heart. It is the place where the upper and lower energy centres meet. The heart chakra is devoted to love and compassion, as well as other ingredients needed to become truly loving within and outside of the self. Rose quartz gently draws on negative energy and replaces this energy with loving positive vibes, which uplifts the whole feeling of a space, clearing energetic blockages and encouraging peace.


Black tourmaline is a fantastic crystal that dispels negative energies. It protects against radiation and environmental pollutants, making black tourmaline a wonderful crystal for the home. It also helps with the psychic Self by purifying and neutralising negative thought patterns and anxieties, transforming them into positive energy, allowing for a more productive existence and lowered risk of encouraging negative vibrations in your space.


Fluorite is a wonderful stone for protection and stabilisation. Purple fluorite is associated with the third-eye chakra, and is great for use during meditation and yoga. Fluorite absorbs negative energy, and it also helps to deflect electromagnetic waves in a similar way to black tourmaline.


Calcite amplifies energy. It can dispel negative energy by amplifying and increasing positive energy in a space and is said to be the premier cleanser of stored negative energies within the human body, our aura, and our psychic selves. Calcite comes in a variety of colours, with white calcite being exceptionally good at cleansing spaces and raising the vibration of an area.

No matter what crystal you use, they all need to be cared for correctly and cleansed on a regular basis. There are many cleansing methods and each crystal needs to be free from negative vibrations itself before it can be used in a therapeutic way. Please see this link for some crystal cleansing methods which I will touch on in future posts.

If crystals aren’t your thing or you haven’t quite found one that resonates with you, you can always cleanse your home or room using white sage, which will banish negative energies and encourage a positive, high vibrational, cosmic space :)