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Welcome to WILD ONES #3! Meet the co-founders of the online lifestyle hub Twosix Wellness, Bree Pagliuso and Emma Udorovic. These ladies have taken the Melbourne health and wellness scene by storm and are doing amazing things in this space. Hardcore advocates of workplace wellness and healthy living, you can find Emma and Bree teaching yoga & Pilates classes at venues like the Queen Victoria Markets, or delivering amazing workplace wellness workshops and much more. Read on to find out more about this power duo!

Firstly, can you tell us a little about yourselves and what inspired you to start TWOSIX Wellness?

We are Bree & Emma the Co-Founders of Twosix Wellness.

A number of years ago we both faced a number of challenges with our physical and mental health that brought us closer together. After realising we both shared a passion for health, wellbeing and learning about our own mind and bodies connection we started to talk about how we could both lead a healthier life inside and out.

We both have a shared love and passion for all things health and wellness and were keen to spread awareness to the wider community. Our vision was to create a space dedicated to bringing relevant down-to-earth information to people without complicating it, and without ego.

After a long conversation over a delicious brunch one sunny Melbourne morning, TWOSIX Wellness – our online lifestyle hub was born.

 Image via @twosixwellness

Image via @twosixwellness

What was it that sparked your interest in workplace wellness and health in general?

We had both worked in a corporate environment for over 10 years, and had experienced first-hand the common sedentary lifestyle of corporates., and realised it often wasn’t by choice, but a full schedule and lack of time; it meant that health and wellbeing often became less of a priority in a busy lifestyle, with work-life balance not being a necessity but a luxury. We noted a gap within the market and that led to the expansion of our Online Wellness hub into Corporate Wellness Programs. Its inspiring to see how the small changes we can help implement within a workplace can people happier and healthier within their working day, which is where most of us spend most of our time.

What does a typical day look like for the team at TWOSIX?

Ha! Well, we both have little boys under the age of two so things can change depending on their schedules & mood, but for the most part we both wake early, eat breakie with our boys and then start our working day. We don’t have an office at the moment so we tend to work from each others homes or at a local café. On Mondays we talk through our weekly programs and do health checks on our existing clients. Then the rest of the week we are mostly out on the road facilitating programs or setting up for an event within a corporate client's office. Then in the afternoon we try our best to get through emails, then we close the laptop (most of the time) and spend time with our little ones.

 Image via @twosixwellness

Image via @twosixwellness

Both of you are amazing advocates for healthy, active living and living your best life. How do both maintain balance between work, wellness, and motherhood?

We’re not going to pretend it’s easy, it’s been a learning curve for both of us, trying to determine what is the best thing for our babies, our business and ourselves has been challenging. What we have found is that it’s best to be honest and transparent with each other, if we’re tired and not feeling it one day, that’s ok – the work will be there tomorrow. We’re fortunate enough that our business is successful and we’re able to make a living from it and with that comes a freedom to work when we want and how we want.

With everything that both of you have on the go – a business, yoga & pilates teaching, motherhood, and everything in between – how do you keep your energy up to stay on top of everything?

Bree is a routine addict, that’s what keeps her sane, Em needs to have fluidity in her day and that’s what keeps her sane.

We both LOVE lists and have a list for our lists, sounds silly but it works for us.

We also make sure we get outside and walk and take time for ourselves.

 Image via @twosixwellness

Image via @twosixwellness

What does your ideal breakfast look like?

Both of us NEED coffee first thing, and our fav would be poached eggs on toast with haloumi, avocado and maybe a small amount of bacon :P

Working for yourselves, running a business, and being active members of Melbourne’s health & wellness community keeps you both very busy. How do you avoid burn-out, and how do you deal with overwhelm?

We have certainly learned to say no when things don’t fit in with our schedule and that’s partly because we’re both mothers now and partly because we realised we didn’t need to attend every event to be relevant.

And of course, when we feel over-whelmed or close to burning out we love to eat yummy meal with our friends and family or spend our mornings together going to a yoga and Pilates class.


What’s next for TWOSIX Wellness?

 Oh we have so many fun things planned for the new year! Right now our website is being transformed into a one-stop-shop wellness hub, with a focus on our Workplace Wellbeing programs which are the heart of our business. Stay tuned!

And lastly, what is your favourite quote or piece of advice that keeps you motivated and inspires you?

“You are exactly where you need to be”


“ Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life” - Eckhart Tolle

We are constantly reminding ourselves that we are ok, that the universe has a greater plan for us and that sometimes you cant control everything, so just enjoy the present moment.



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