Hello 2018! Wow, I can't believe we are well and truly into another year! I have had a break from posting and social media etc, but we are well and truly back with another WILD ONES interview! This month I had the pleasure of interviewing entrepreneur and yogini Amanda Wiart of the beautiful yoga-inspired store Yogi Spirit

 Image via @yogispirit_au

Image via @yogispirit_au


Firstly, can you tell us what inspired you to start Yogi Spirit?

Yogi Spirit is really an expression of everything that I love and that I care deeply about. I am really passionate about the benefits of yoga, the physical benefits of course but also the increased self awareness that comes with a consistent practice. I wanted to inspire people to incorporate yoga into their lives and to do this one pair of leggings at a time. Because it is never just about the leggings that you buy, it is also about the commitment you are making to yourself.  And I have always cared about the environmental impact of our rubbish and the effect it is having on our planet. In my first business I sold cloth nappies, so that particular environmental issue has always been a concern of mine, which is why I choose brands that are environmentally aware. 

Can you tell us how you got into the practice of yoga, and what keeps you coming back to the mat?

Yoga has been part of my life for a really long time. I started practicing yoga as a child because my mum was a yoga teacher in Vanuatu. But it really became a lifestyle for me when I did my teacher training in the US about 7 years ago. I did my yoga teacher training because I was in an unhappy place in my marriage and I was looking for answers. I think it is now habit that keeps me coming back to the mat. I practise every morning except Sundays and sometimes that means a 5 min meditation sit followed by 5 mins of yoga. But however small the moment I dedicate to my practice, it makes a big difference to my day.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Gosh I don’t know if there is a typical day when children and business mix. I wake early so I can practice before my sons wake, that is the one consistent aspect of my week. I usually fulfil orders in the morning, then catch up on emails and there is always something to do for the website. I try and surf a couple of days a week. Surfing is my escape and yoga is my sanity :) 

I love that you believe that yoga is a lifestyle, not just a picture perfect pose on social media. How do you incorporate living a yogic life into your everyday routine?

That is the ethos that I really care about, that yoga is a lifestyle not just a series of poses or acrobatic routines and that anyone and everyone can do it. Yoga and meditation have probably permeated every aspect of my life. From teaching my sons to use breathing techniques, to talking about emotions and to learning to pause (or trying to) before reacting.

 Image via @yogispirit_au

Image via @yogispirit_au

Running your own business is a tough gig. How do you find balance between family life and being an entrepreneur? How do you separate work from down-time, and maintain a balanced lifestyle?

It is a tough gig but I really love it. And I love that it allows me to be home so that I can do school pick ups and all the after school activities with my sons. I am really grateful to be doing what I love. But finding a balance between family life as a single mum and being an entrepreneur is really hard. This question is really close to my heart. I feel that I am wearing a lot of hats and they often slip so I feel very spread thin. But it is a work in progress. Probably one of the most important aspects is to be willing to let things go. And by that I mean sometimes it is more important to rest than tidy the house or add more products to the website. The self awareness that meditation practice has given me helps to counteract the negative self talk that can come up in situations like this. This is also when I rely on forgiving myself quickly when things don't go as planned. Separating work from down time requires boundaries and remembering what is important. I try to stop work as soon as the boys are home and to put the phone down and be really present, it is a constant practice and it is not perfect but I keep coming back to what is important. Sometimes it all falls to pieces and I have to pick it all up and forgive myself. 

What is your go-to food/meal to keep you going throughout the day?

In the mornings, I love my green juice or smoothie to which I add superfoods like maca and medicinal mushrooms such as reishi. I love my rose holy basil tea and I have high powered snacks throughout the day. I try to use Ayurvedic principles to help me in choosing what is best for me to eat. 

And lastly, what is your favourite quote or piece of advice that keeps you motivated and inspires you?

I have a lot, but I think the one I find that I repeat to myself a lot is: 

                          'What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?' - Erin Hanson 


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